ISO 27001 is an international standard that will help your organization manage and protect the security of assets such as financial information, health information, intellectual property, employee details, or confidential information. The standard encompasses all the technical, physical, and organizational risks, and applies to people, processes, and IT systems.

Increasingly more organizations employ this standard as more clients demand it. The demand for this standard is especially common in businesses where sensitive information has to be transferred and communicated. This sensitive information is vulnerable to theft from outside or inside the organization. Unless it is properly protected, it may be damaged or stolen, which can result in massive damage. These client concerns only increase the demand to implement the ISO 27001 standard, so that they know their sensitive and unique information is secured.

While in the past this standard was only important to organizations that possess confidential and sensitive information, today this standard applies to all organizations. Implementing this standard increases the client’s credibility in the organization, the services it provides, and additionally enables significant improvement in the organization’s information security.

The ISO 27001 certification is obtained by conducting an initial meeting in order to identify and characterize the organization’s interfaces and processes, to understand how information security is managed, and the rules it is limited by. RUsafe assists the customer throughout all stages of preparation, consulting management, CEOs, CSOs, and other professional staff, regarding all aspects of security infrastructure generation, maintenance, and control. Additionally, this process includes formulating an information security work plan, a preliminary assessment by a qualified entity such as the Standards Institute of Israel or the Institute of Quality and Control, as well as preparation, and guidance towards the certification.

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